The Studio

We help businesses carve out their own space in our ever-expanding online world.

And we do it all without compromising on speed, functionality, or design. We believe in a beautiful blend of form + function, that guides everything we do, from brand identities to entire websites.

The founders

How We Do It

  • One-Stop-Shop

    Running a business takes a lot of time; Let us give you some of ours. We’ll walk you through all the pieces of your online presence, from branding to website design & development. Inspired by your vision, we’ll bring your brand to life.

  • You Dream it, We Build it

    With the dynamic duo of custom coding and custom design on your side, anything is possible. Need a particular feature you can’t find on the drag-and-drop platforms? We’ve got you covered. Want to get particular about the flow, layout, and functionality of your site? We can do that too.

  • Custom-Designed, Custom Coded

    With our 100% custom-coded websites, every piece of your online presence is carefully considered and crafted exactly how you want it—from design to development and beyond. You built your business by hand. Doesn’t your website deserve the same treatment?

  • Professional Workflow

    We use a simple, streamlined collaboration process that saves you (and us) time. When we work together, you’ll have the chance to suggest edits at every stage of the design process to guarantee that the website and brand identity you’ve been dreaming of is the same one that we deliver at the end of your project.

Meet The Team

We bring you a unique studio experience by collaborating with freelance experts across multiple fields.

Lola - Lead Designer

Lola Teissier

Co-founder + Lead Designer

Owen - Lead Developer

Owen Adsit

Co-founder + Lead Developer

Alizka - Designer

Alizka Somawihardja

UI / UX Designer

Kat - Copywriter

Kat Van Sligtenhorst

Copywriter + Brand Strategist