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Swasti Eco Cottages

An elegant, engaging website redesign.

  • Web Redesign
  • Development
  • YEAR2022
  • LOCATIONBali, Indonesia
  • CMSSanity CMS
  • TOOLSIllustrator / Xd / Photoshop / Premiere Pro

Established in 2008, Swasti Eco Cottages is an eco-resort with the mission to provide travelers with the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the breakneck pace of everyday life, focus on their health, and enter a state of mindful well-being, all while leaving behind a minimal environmental footprint. With a pressing need for a website redesign, they turned to us, disheartened by their current outdated and unpolished online presence. hey sought a team to transform their vision into a modern, minimalistic, and user-friendly website that would showcase the resorts beauty and guide visitors to book their stay.

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Project Brief

The goal was to create a smooth, seamless customer journey from the moment visitors landed on the website to the point of booking their stay. This was achieved through the use of visual elements, like photos and videos, animations, and micro-interactions. The artistic typography, the fluid website structure, curved backgrounds, and the natural, pastel colours help capture the essence of the resort itself - elegant, yet warm and artistic.

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By harnessing the dynamic capabilities of transitions and animations, we've artfully crafted a website that not only captivates the eye with its aesthetics but also guarantees an enjoyable and user-friendly navigation experience. To enhance user engagement further, we added some smooth text entrance animations. These animations serve as a visual guide, directing visitors' attention toward important content and making their journey through the site effortlessly intuitive.

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The Pages

Across the website, you’ll find a consistent style on every page, where cohesive elements seamlessly integrate into the site’s design. This cohesive approach creates a sense of unity, constructing a closely-knit collection of pages that work together harmoniously to elevate the overall browsing experience.

Before & After

Their previous site was plagued with performance issues. This was because it was built with a drag-and-drop, template-based platform that used pre-written blocks of code, many of which simply weren't necessary for their site. Because they couldn’t selectively remove code they didn’t need, they ended up with a cluttered, inefficient site.

The new site was built using custom code which draws on languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’re communicating directly with the browser, telling it how to get the look, feel, and function of your site just right. Their brand-new website is faster, safer, and 100% customized to suit their unique needs.

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With the founder's French background and a global clientele, their goal was to create a bilingual website in both English and French. This choice was driven by the aim to reach a broader audience and offer easy access to information for French speakers. We designed a user-friendly system that made switching between languages as simple as turning a page, ensuring an intuitive experience for all visitors.

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