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Vegan Cookie Co

Crafting a brand identity that embodies the heart of homemade cookies.

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • YEAR2023
  • LOCATIONMelbourne, Australia
  • TOOLSAdobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Procreate

Passion Project: Established in 2020, during a period of stagnation and uncertainty, the founder of The Vegan Cookie Co found herself in quarantine and turned to baking as a creative outlet. Beginning by baking cookies at home and delivering them to friends throughout the city, the business has since flourished. Fast forward to 2023, The Vegan Cookie Co has proudly launched two bustling shops in the heart of Melbourne, becoming a source of delectable vegan treats, creating moments of cookie joy!

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Brand Personality

Friendly, Exciting, Welcoming, Fun



Cookie Cream

Color Palette

With careful thought and dedication, we crafted a neutral palette embodying the essence of "hand-made" artistry, the authenticity of natural elements, and a welcoming coziness. After exploring numerous options, we curated a trio of colors: an orange-brown exuding warmth and earthiness; a dominant reddish-brown for depth; and a timeless beige symbolizing elegance and simplicity. The fusion of these shades creates a tranquil yet inviting atmosphere, infusing a touch of playfulness that harmoniously aligns with the brand's identity.

poster mockup


The goal was to create a typography system that captures the feeling of "hand-baked" while keeping a modern sensibility. The primary font, a hand-painted script, mirrors the artistry and human involvement in every batch, embracing the imperfections that make each cookie unique. Accompanying it is a sans-serif font for readability and modernity, allowing the script font to shine.

Primary Font / Modern Love

Modern Love

Designed By

Giuseppe Salerno

Designed In


We bake irresistibly delicious vegan homemade cookies that will keep you coming back for more!

Secondary Font / Manrope

Designed By

Mikhail Sharanda

Designed In




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  • regular
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Established in 2020 amidst uncertain times, the founder sought comfort in baking cookies at home and sharing them with friends across the city. Fast forward to 2023, and The Vegan Cookie Co has blossomed into a beacon of delight, boasting two thriving shops in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

Accent Font / Adobe Handwriting

Adobe Handwriting

The Logo

We crafted a logo meant to capture the sense of homemade warmth and mirror the charming irregularities found in freshly baked cookies.

Vegan Cookie Co Logo

To achieve this, we used a hand-painted font that underwent meticulous retouching to attain its more polished form.

logo design on photo


Crafted to Crave.


coffee cup

Tone of Voice


We believe that a touch of kindness can be conveyed through written expression, and we’re here to infuse that warmth into every word.


Our voice is an open book, revealing our true essence. We connect through honest communication, forming bonds beyond transactions.


We turn words into genuine smiles, proving connections transcend pages.


Passion drives everything we do. Our words resonate with unwavering commitment.

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